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Social outings are opportunities for individuals and families impacted by Autism to participate in recreational activities with other families impacted by Autism. Social Outings provide more opportunities for children on the spectrum and their families to attend events that they typically may not attend otherwise. Example of LOLA Foundation's events are:

  • ​Sensory friendly movie days

  • Simple Hikes

  • Potluck park gatherings

  • Petting zoo 

  • Easter Egg hunt

  • And more

Hot Stones Massage


Caring for an individual impacted with Autism may be challenging. LOLA Foundation believes that providing the caretaker space to decompress ensures that they can be fully present to provide for their child as well as their family.  LOLA Foundation wishes to acknowledge these strong caregivers by pampering them with: 

  • Manicures

  • Haircuts

  • Movie Days/Nights

  • Group support/therapy

Music Class



Many children and families impacted with Autism do not experience typical community or school events, so a Fashion/Talent show is a great way to showcase the individual talents and interests of each individual impacted by ASD.

Chalkboard Drawings


This event is a way to showcase the artistic talents of the individuals affected by Autism, as well as a way for these individuals to engage with the community. Additionally, this event is a great opportunity for the community to support the Autism population and to meet and greet the artists themselves. 

Rugby Players


​LOLA Foundation wishes to provide events free of charge for families impacted by Autism. Fundraiser events help support the setup and cost of the events as well as provide financial assistance for families in time of need. 

Girls Dressed for School Dance


Many children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder do not attend school activities, such as Prom or Winter Formal, so LOLA Foundation wishes to create a Prom event for children with ASD to attend with their families.

Giving a Presentation



Community training, seminars and workshops aim to increase awareness about Autism, such as characteristics to be mindful of, as well as providing resources for early intervention. 

Making Notes

IEP Assistance and Review

Vietnamese assistance and support may be provided to parents in reviewing Individualized Education Program (IEP) for the child's school program. Resources in Vietnamese regarding Special Education can also be provided. 

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